It’s a curvy world!

We are ONLY CARMAKOMA, we are stylish fashion for curvy women – and we are so happy to have you here!

Time to launch:

21. januar, 2018

Right now we are working hard to launch the first ONLY CARMAKOMA collection in January 2018 – with even more cool fashion must-haves for you.

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– and let us write to you as soon as we have news and updates about the first ONLY CARMAKOMA collection!

You will also receive a €5 welcome discount code. You can keep the code and use it to shop ONLY CARMAKOMA styles as soon as the first collection is online.

Who are we?

ONLY CARMAKOMA is an international fashion brand for curvy women in size 42-54.

Our collections are always in line with the latest trends, with stylish cuts and distinctive details – and an uncompromising focus on a phenomenal fit.

We strongly believe that fashion should be fitted to the body – not the other way around.

We create styles that accentuate all the benefits of the beautiful feminine, curvy silhouette to make you look stunning all day, every day.

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